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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Um...which blade are you talking about Dragonbane? I've looked at jstar's blades, and I don't recall anything using something like Izanagi.
But that's besides the point. I encourage people on here to transform ideas they've seen elsewhere into abilities for their blades, mainly because anything we come up with is biased by something we've seen before. Your blade's name, Thor, and many of the pieces of its abilities, come from the Norse god. There's no problem with that, I'm just pointing out that no one comes up with ideas in a vacuum. Jstar's created a lot of amazing blades, and I'd encourage you to look at them on Bleach: Fallout Characters where they're all listed.

That said, I'll get you a review of your blade later today when I have a chance.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
ummm Dragonbanke



and Ameratsu are all japense god's and Izangi being the there father .....
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, here's my review:

1) So this seems like 2 separate abilities put together. The first is the energy strike (lightning colored fire) and the second is the physical strength buff. You can have it one way or the other. I'd go with the former, considering the strength buff is undefined. In terms of the latter situation, I have to ask whether the fact that the attack is made of fire makes it affect differently. Since it's fire, does it burn the opponent? Does it spread like fire? Does it have properties of lightning?
2) What does it mean to attack from a distance? Does it mean that a strike extends much further out from the blade, or that it launches a strike from the blade? What does it look like? Can that strike block other strikes? How far does it extend?
3) Again, this looks like 2 separate abilities: a merger of the first 2 (which seems kind of odd...why can't the first 2 just be used at the same time?) and the speed and strength increase. What's more, I'm wondering why the first 2 should be used at all when he's capable of using this ability at the exact same time, no matter that it lasts so much longer (2 hours vs. 50 minutes). Either way, this needs to be better defined overall. It's all rather ambiguous.

1) I get this one, but I don't see how it follows on from the shikai. Seems like speed decreases (which is what this basically is) is the opposite of what your shikai stands for, and while there's supposed to be differences between bankai and shikai, this seems like a complete turnaround.
2) I think you meant "The Earth's Despair," might want to clarify that. Again, the deprivation of abilities seems rather odd here. I think you meant "Hakuda", not "Hakudo", which means hand to hand combat, but I'm not sure. If that's the case, I have no idea how this functions. How is someone prevented from using their hands, and still able to wield their zanpakuto?
3) I understand this one, but this is probably more out of place than anything. You haven't even addressed kido in any of the other abilities, seems odd to include it here. Overall, the bankai is just so much about negation that it becomes a battle of strength, swordfighting and zanpakutos with nothing else in between. What's more, this seems heavily focused on fighting a soul reaper and not anyone else. For example, when it comes to speed, shunpo is affected by your first bankai, but not sonido or hirenkyaku. Kido also doesn't include cero, bala, or anything a quincy or arrancar uses. Hand to hand combat may be the only thing with even effect.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
@Dragonbane78 - Yeah not trying to bash you or anything like that but Izanagi is a Japanese Deity and he had 3 kids: Amaterasu (Sun Goddess), Tsukuyomi (Moon God), and Susanoo (Storm God)! I was making a blade based on them. The kids are spirits so the shikai only plays with their mind and I named the Bankai Izanagi because he represents creation so the powers take a physical form. Just google it next time.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
@Dragonbane78 - Also I've made about 20 blades up here so of course I'm making them from the "top of my mind"!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas kimoy4321 said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]

Runa ( Luna )

[release command]

Suraisu , Runa ( Slice , Luna )

[bankai name] -

Ketsueki Runa ( Blood-Luna )

=description -

- Runa's sealed form resembles a typical Wakizashi with a rectangular guard, a black handle and a blood-red sheath. When in its shikai state, Runa extends into a double-edged sword with the same length and width of a katana but the crossguard is missing.

[shikai abilities] -

Shi no tokkō ( Death Slayer )

Runa gathers large amount of spiritual energy in the blade and every time the wielder slashes down opponents the spiritual energy overflows from the tip that forms into a large blade-like appearance that slices and explodes in contact. The blast then leaves a large crater on the ground and even destroy buildings in area of the blast..

Jigoku no kiba ( Hell fangs )

Runa can fire, by slashing or pointing , three large ( double the size of the wielder ) needle-like projectiles at its target. These needle-like projectiles are capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction. The destruction power of this ability can destroy several buildings and leave a large crater on the ground. These needle-like projectiles are formed in front of the wielder that is triggered by the wielder's slashes ( fired simultaneously ) or by pointing at his target ( fired at once ) and explode in contact.

[bankai abilities] -

= Ketsueki Runa retains its shikai shape but the blade is blood-red instead.

In its bankai state, Ketsueki Runa retains the use of her shikai abilities in the same manner but the power ( enough to destroy a large radius of a town ) and speed ( doubled ) are augmented. The wielder can control the path of the projectiles ( 5 seconds ) (blood-red in color ; dark-green in shikai).

The speed is enhanced : The released of the bankai augments automatically the speed ( doubled ) of the wielder. The wielder can fight at high-speed combat thus allowing him to create afterimages of himself to confuse opponents.

Enhanced strength : also doubled, with the same manner as the enhanced speed. The wielder can level buildings or mountains in just a single sway of his sword. He can also block and break attacks just like strong blade attacks and binding kido spells with his bare hands.

Enhanced spiritual energy : The wielder can sense spiritual energy blocks away from him even those who have low spiritual energy are sensed. The wielder's spiritual energy is so strong that it could do damage to humans just by being in the vicinity of his released bankai.

Even the wielder's bankai duration is enhanced as well because spiritual energy is compressed thus allowing the wielder to use the abilities at much longer duration.


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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
kimoy -

From what I can see here, you have a good concept of how this works, though you have to explain it a good bit better for others to have the same knowledge.
On the shikai, you describe the power of their strikes, but I'm a bit confused. I don't often see needles creating craters or going through buildings in the manner you've described, mainly because they don't slice or hit concussively. It seems you're ascribing abilities seen in other weapons to needles, though I could be wrong. As far as I know, needles are very much about causing damage by stabbing force, so I could see them going through buildings, and even going deep into the ground, but that's about it. But this also lacks a good deal of specificity. What's the speed of the needles? Are they all released at once, or does the swing release each simultaneously? You say they're large, what's large?
On the bankai, many of these questions are exacerbated by the fact that you're enhancing it. I don't know what level we're starting with, so an understanding of what a power and speed increase can do is lacking. What's more, the power and speed increase should be quantified in order to make this more understandable. If the projectiles are now blood red in color, what were they before? If the speed of the projectiles is intense (which I'm guessing it is), why is control of direction helpful (high speed projectiles can only be controlled to a certain extent no matter how hard you try after they launch)? You've also added on factors to the wielder, those need to be quantified in some way. The most confusing aspect, however, is the final one. How is a bankai able to enhance its own duration? What does that mean? Does it mean less energy is spent than with other bankais? How long would it last without this aspect? How long does it last now?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dragonbane78 said…
Jstar18 not trying to be rude but i have seen Izanagi for Naruto. The abilities I have also seen being used as well. go on google and check if I'm wrong.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dragonbane78 said…
Wolfmaster i try not to familarize myself with legends to much. Plus I make it my job to know as much about anime and manga of stuff that interests me as possible. Also its Dragonbane.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dragonbane78 said…
Whiteflame Simins Bankia abilities are meant to even up a fight. also his bankia is very heavy and he can't much use his hands for kido or shupo. last by hands to hand combat i mean that if somebody( like Yoruichi Shihōin) can't bash him around(also using your zanpukto is called zanjustu).i didn't mention the fact he could still use his shikia abilities because that would seem a little over kill
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dragonbane78 said…
If people are curious what a sprite looks like here is an image. subtract the blood and add the serpents tail an you got Simins hollow form(also the skull mask).
 If people are curious what a sprite looks like here is an image. subtract the blood and add the serpe
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
dragonbane - I know they're meant to even up the fight. The issue is that they're massively disjointed with the shikai. It's like 2 completely different blades. You'll notice from the show that the vast majority of bankais are extensions of shikai abilities in some way at least. These have nothing to do with the shikai. You still aren't explaining the hand-to-hand combat issue very well. HOW are their punches stopped? You're saying an opponent literally cannot use them. What does that mean? Are their arms and legs suddenly going to become worthless when they hit someone? Will they be permanently worthless and you'll just flail against your opponent? I want to know what's going on with that ability. I never asked whether he was able to use his shikai abilities in bankai. I'm still very confused on your blade in general.

As for your point to jstar about use of Izanagi, let's refer back to the blade that you're talking about. It literally only mentions Izanagi as the name of the Japanese deity. You're right, that just happens to be the name of an ability in Naruto whereby the boundaries between reality and illusion are removed. I see absolutely no mention of anything resembling that in the blade he created. I find it really hard to believe that he copied the name from Naruto when he doesn't even take away the basic concept behind the abilities. As for the individual abilities (Tsukiyomi, Amataseru, and Susanoo), let's compare between these abilities and the ones in Naruto.
Tsukiyomi (jstar): neurotoxin that affects vision (shikai), creates a zone of influence wherein all the opponent's worst fears become reality and are able to attack and damage them (bankai).
Tsukiyomi (naruto): an entirely psychological ability, this allows the person to go inside the mind of the opponent and inflict tremendous torture on them without ever inflicting real wounds on their body.
Amataseru (jstar): neurotoxin that affects the nervous system, causing them to feel a burning sensation at the slightest touch (shikai), heat is stored in the blade and transferred to the opponent upon being cut or thrust out in a wave form from the blade in the ground or the air, releases of the heat require more heat to be stored before it can be used again (bankai).
Amataseru (Naruto): The eye of the wielder starts to bleed, and a black fire is released wherever their gaze lands. That black fire burns hotter than normal flames and cannot be put out. The amount of black flame is nearly infinite.
Susanoo (jstar): neurotoxin that weakens muscle tissue (shikai), samurai armor surrounding the wielder that releases electric pulses that mirror enemy attacks, though it cannot block sword swings, and causes paralysis upon touching the opponent (bankai)
Susanoo (Naruto): A giant armored spirit comes into existence. This spirit, as far as we know, is immune to all attacks, and has the ability to make physical strikes with a weapon (though that weapon seems to change between Itachi and Sasuke), as well as using ranged strikes of multiple sorts. It will block and rebound any physical strike.

There are similarities here (though, I would argue, there are dramatic differences as well), but at worst, jstar did a good job of adapting and changing the ideas from Naruto to a Bleach-centric system. What I think is more likely, however, is that Naruto borrowed their ideas from the mythos of these Japanese gods, and that jstar used the same mythos to craft his own. Seems a reasonable explanation, doesn't it?
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Soundsword102 said…
Wait, i just got here, what is this argument about?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Whether jstar used abilities found in the anime Naruto as abilities for a blade that he'd made a while back.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas kimoy4321 said…

actually i was lacking of tym wen i made the post...couldn't get ideas that much wen i was making RUNA...but i edited it...the power and speed varies though on how strong and fast the wielder is before the release ( bankai ) it will be doubled after Ketsueki Runa is released...

but as what my post says...the wielder is really strong...and even stronger when bankai is released...
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
@Whiteflame - Thanks for defending my blade but its obvious that the guy thinks the creator of Naruto created Izanagi, Amataresu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo as well as all the powers too, SMH! There's no point in trying to make him understand as he already said that he doesn't care to know anything about Mythology or Legends so he's not gonna understand where I got my blade idea from. No need to waste anymore of your time explaining.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Soundsword102 said…
i get it and jstar and whiteflame are right, Izanagi, Amateratsu, Tsukuyomi, and susanoo are all japanese gods and naruto copied moves of there names. Amateratsu is the god of day(or sun) and they use that name to make black fire, i should know. my father was a teacher.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dragonbane78 said…
Guys its not that i don't care about Mythology or legends i just try not to get caught up in them. Personal I'm for the Greek and Rome Mythology then anything else. Whiteflame, what i mean is it would be like a regular punch form a human( like Kiego). The difference between the shikia and the Bankia abilities are from his hollow nature and i have know other way to explain it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dragonbane78 said…
Also before you guys make anymore comments I understand and will cease the argument about Jstar's blades. Next i might not be able to make some posts for a will. Take some time to think stuff through. You guys should try this some time it works. Finally for the people who jump around from episodes or are behind in the episodes and are confused, use hule and watch the episodes there.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
...Alright, while I don't understand a good portion of what you said in that last post, I'm a little taken aback by you saying that we should "think stuff through." I've enjoyed making the blades I've made, and I've enjoyed reviewing other people's blades. I don't need to "take some time" because this is what I do for fun. I'm in a graduate school program, and I take this as one of my few opportunities to get away from schoolwork and enjoy reading other peoples' ideas for blades, characters and stories. So why should I "take some time"?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
So I know that this is a zanpakuto forum, but considering the egregious lack of attention the "create your own arrancar" forum gets, I figure I'll post this here. This is my latest and, probably, most treacherous creation yet. I really tried on this one to defy a lot of the major dogma behind Bleach, most notably the concept of how an ability is activated. It's rather long and detailed, though I'd encourage anyone to give me positive or negative (especially negative, I am very big on making my ideas better) feedback on this.

Pandora is an extremely odd arrancar. She appears normal from outside impressions (though absolutely stunning in appearance), though her eyes are unnaturally clear blue, and people who stare into them get lost in their depths like staring into a bottomless lake. After she is damaged, however, her appearance dramatically modifies. All of her tissues exist as normal, but their makeup is entirely earth. Water runs in her veins instead of blood. She regenerates by pulling earth and water from the landscape around her.
She wears a silvery gown that hugs her curves with a high neck, and a long, silver broidered veil. Her hair has bright garlands of fresh flowers of all colors that never seem to wilt, with a crown of gold set atop her shoulder-length, straight brown hair.
Cero: Pandora was a creation of the gods meant to placate and fool the Titans, so her own ability to use energy is limited. Unlike other arrancar, she cannot fire off ceros made of pure energy. As such, her is a representation of the Four Winds. She essentially has 4 separate ceros that she can use, depending on the situation, though they are all (except Notus) invisible to the naked eye.
Boreas: This is basically a highly compressed storm launched out in a pocket of air. It hits with concussive force, slamming the opponent back with the force of a hurricane, though the pocket of air is the size of a normal cero and can be blocked in the same way as any cero.
Eurus: This is an extremely compressed and superheated vapor-based cero.
Notus: A wave of red sand is launched out in the forum of a cero beam. Each grain of sand quickly absorbs a very small portion of the opponent’s energy (1/10,000th of the average captain’s). It takes 5 seconds to absorb, meaning they can be brushed off before they do.
Zephyrus: This cero is focused on negation. A bubble of air is launched out that, when it collides with another energy-based attack, will transform it into a harmless gust of air.
Each ability gains strength the longer that the box remains sealed. The release happens in 3 separate stages.
Endless Curiosity (the box is opened only a crack, releasing a dark light, and then closed quickly) – Pandora’s story includes her being provided the box as a wedding gift, though one she was told never to open. The gods gave it to her under the pretense that she would eventually open it, however, due to her neverending curiosity, which they gave her. This is as far as the release can be accomplished by Pandora alone. Everyone and everything in the area is consumed by an ever-growing need to open the box. They are all able to do this. A strong will can avoid succumbing to this for as long as 10 minutes, though Pandora tends to taunt her opponents and thus accelerate the process.
Unleashed Scourge (the box is opened wide, bathing the area in the dark light, before being closed) – This requires the opponent to open the box, but will only function in this way as a result of the box being opened wide, then closed. The box will automatically open wide upon being wedged open by the opponent, but can be closed immediately. Each time it is opened in this way, it will release one spirit upon being closed. The spirit is entirely random, and will fuse with Pandora creating a one of four lines in tattoos on her face. Each provides an ability that can be used only be used for a fixed period of time, after which the tattoo disappears and the spirit returns to the box.
Insanity: Imagine something similar to Maka in her fight against Crona in Soul Eater. Her strength increases by 3x, her skin becomes as hard as steel, and she feels no pain. She has limited control over herself, and becomes intensely crazed, attacking almost nonstop. She remains in this state for as long as it takes to strike her opponent 5 times.
Pestilence: The spirit becomes a blade much like that of a scythe attached to a 2 foot handle. The blade wraps around far more, curving 270 degrees in a 2 foot wide circle. A cut suffered by it prevents platelet aggregation in the body, effectively making it impossible for the blood to clot. This means that they will continue to bleed from any cuts they receive. The blade can only cut skin once before it disappears. The effect lasts 2 minutes.
Famine: A single touch erases the most recent meal (and all the energy garnered from it) from the opponent’s system. This causes them to tire much more quickly. The effect disappears after it is applied.
Crime: The opponent is automatically affected by this ability. No matter how strong their psychological strength, this will affect them. They will be overcome by a desire to keep everything that belongs to them close by. What that means is that an opponent prone to kido spells or launching energy in general will stop using them at range. The same holds true for zanpakuto abilities. Note that this does not mean they cannot use them. They will just be overcome with the false knowledge that their ranged attacks will be intercepted, and their energy/blade taken.
Buried Hope (the box is kept open, unleashing all of its black light along with a small amount of white light): An area 3 miles in diameter and 1 mile high is covered in blackness which absorbs all light except that produced by this ability. This is the actual release of her true form. Chains of hollow but extremely strong bone form across and extend across her body, following the contours of her skeleton. The chains also cover her head, taking the place of the hair on her head and extending out the same distance. The ends of the chain both come out of her palms, extending out 7 feet and connecting to 2 lanterns. The lanterns have white fire burning inside of them, and the fire shines light through all of the chains, lighting up her whole body even in the darkness. The light from the lanterns shines out 10 feet in all directions. Anyone caught in the light will feel their hope fade from them. The longer they are in the light, the more profound the loss. After a total of 3 minutes are spent in the light, even the most hopeful individuals will lose all hope of victory and give up. If a lantern strikes an opponent, it will shatter, and the white light will consume half of the opponent’s reiatsu, no matter how strong they are. Strikes with the lantern can be blocked by zanpakuto and kido of any level, but they will only shatter when they strike the opponent.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Soundsword102 said…
Finally finished my third one. hope you like it!This is my 2nd character!

Name:Osutin Tappa
Age:131 (13 in apperance)
Height:5`7 Weight:145
Muscle build:small bit overweight, but muscular
Rank:Captian of 9th divison

Apperance:Messy light brown hair, Greyish blue eyes, light peach skin, very smooth and attractive features, big smile, unusually large kanine teeth, wears a loose black hakama with a hood.

Personality:very kind and social. Humorous and can get even the most non-emotional people(like toshiro and byakuya) to laugh. Adds more of a warm and whimsical aura to the room. Spiritual pressure skyrockets when angry. Very intellegent.

Bio:At first, Osutin was a shy and un-social boy, wandering around alone, Stealing food and living in small cold spaces. His first winter though, he changed to a happy, warm person and joined a group of boys his age. On his 123 year, a minos grande snuck into the soul society and attacked. Somehow, he tripped it using two buildings and a length of wire. 3 shimigami came and killed it, while captain of squad one surveyed the area and sensed osutin had a great amount of spiritual pressure. He then brought him to the academy where he passed with reletive ease, but failing with kido.

Hand to hand:75

Name:Tsurara no ame(Icicle rain)
Sealed:short thin serrated katana witch has 3 holes in the groove of the blade. guard is a thin star like snowflake. Tsuba is light blue with a long white ribbon criss crossing on it.

Spirit:Tsurara onna With long blue hair and a simple dark blue kimono. Long black ribbon tied around her waist.Very warm personality twords Osutin. Cold twords others.

Release: Fall and pierce

Shikai: A short tanto blade Connected to a normal size katana Tsuba.
The blade is roughly 9 inches. The blade takes in a wavy snaking shape and is translucent Like Ice. Guard and tsuba are the same.

Shikai ability: 1.Hosonagai(elongate) Uses a portion of his spiritual pressure and swipes his hand across the blade, making it grow in size to almost 30 inches. Keeps its wavy form. 2. Eikyu Toda Ishiyumi (permafrost crossbow) Creates a long single icicle on the right side if the blade, Then has the ability to fire it like an arrow up to 300 Fps(feet per second). Icicle is roughly 7 to 16 inches. 3. Sodaina Supaiku(Grand spike hail) Lifts blade up to sky, creating Icicles around the opponent. These spikes can be fired in rapid sucsession(1 per 1/4 of a second). Surrounds opponent in a 10 ft radius.

Bonkai name: Tsurara no ame, Hari No fubuki
(Icicle rain, snowstorm of needles)
Release: Rapidly stab

Bonkai Description: Large(70 inches) Scythe with White wavy blade mounted on top of a light blue pole. Blade has large hole Puched through the middle of it. Pole has two hand grips protruding from it. Back of blade has a snowflake picture on it.

Bonkai ability:1.Toripuru Ekisho Ishiyumi (triple crystal Crossbow)Slashes downward, creating 3 20 inch icicle arrows And firing them at a speed of 450 Fps. 2.Hyozan Kuriumonsun(Iceberg quill monsoon) Small Ice needles rain down from the sky while the scythe repulses them tword the opponent. 3.Hahen no Rito-dama(Frozen Sphere of splinters) Small needles surround the opponent and come together in the form of a sphere. Can only be used up in the air. Takes long time to form and regenerte.

Sry if it kinda sounds like toshiro. Just noticed that. MERRY CHRISTMAS....well kinda
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas BrokenSun35 said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Kuīn (The Queen)
Release Command: Release your Extravagance!
Appearance: Sealed it is a blue curved dagger with the eyes on a peacock’s feathers printed over the blade, the dagger is a foot long and the handle of the blade is a bright gold. When released the weapons grows a foot and retains its curve but otherwise its appearance stays the same.

Shikai Abilities:

Dai ichi rōdō (The First Labor): The wielders eyes become cat like with slits for pupils, the wielders strength and speed are now doubled and the wielder’s sword disappears and is replaced by 2 bronze gauntlets with claws at the ends, this ability lasts for 2 minutes and has a 3 minute recharge time...

Dai ni rōdō (The Second Labor): 5 snake like heads appear behind the wielder (These heads can be cut off but if they are 2 more sprout from the one that got cut off) they start charging a green cero like beam all at once these heads fire the beams if hit they cause no harm but release a toxin in the opponents body that distorts their senses so they feel like up is down and left is right, right is left, down is up. This effect lasts for 1 minute but if hit by 2 ceros it’s 2 minutes 3 ceros it 3 minutes and so on and so forth.

Dai go rōdō (The Fifth Labor): The wielders clothes turn blue and water forms around the ankles of the people fighting, the sound of rushing water is heard; all of a sudden a torrent of highly pressurized water shoots out from behind the wielder towards the opponent the blast is 5 feet wide and has a cutting ability of a normal sword and this water travels at kido speed and can be blocked by zanpakuto and a kido spell 40 and above.)

Bankai Name: Hera-shin no joō (Hera the Divine Queen)
Bankai Appearance: The Bankai looks like Yumichika’s shikai but the blades are slightly wider and instead of the black and white it has the same peacock feather design as the wielder’s shikai, the wielder also gains an extravagant dress that has peacock feather “Eyes” all over it, (the dress stops at the wielder ankles)

Bankai Abilities:
Dai jū ichi rōdō (The Eleventh Labor): A golden apple appears in the wielders hand the wielder can bite out of the apple; this apple will heal the wielders wounds like cuts and broken bones but not internal damage and severed limbs. If the opponent eats the apple the opponents’ spiritual energy is leached away leaving them with defenseless.

Dai jū ni rōdō (The Twelfth Labor): A giant creature 20 feet tall that has the body of a dog but 3 heads appears in front of the wielder, this creature is facing towards the opponent, this creature acts for defensive purposes, the heads can be destroyed one head at a time, it takes a very strong attack to pierce through its skin but if a kido is shot at them one of the heads swallows the kido.

Shitto no ikari (The Jealous Wrath): Bright multicolored light surrounds the ground of the wielder these lights start to form figures, these figures then turn into 5 brilliant peacocks around the wielder, the peacocks have extravagant colors and will strut around the wielder with their tail feather extended out like a fan and wont attack until commanded to, when told to attack they go from strutting around the wielder to sprinting towards the opponent(s), once the peacocks get within 10 feet of the opponent the turn into multi colored beams of light, these beams will act as spotlight and move in a linear pattern back and forth and if the opponent is caught in the line of sight of the lights they will mark the opponent with multicolored light covering 1/4 of the opponents body (It takes 4 out of 5 beams to completely cover the opponent) when covered the wielders body is surrounded by a large light blue dome, after a few moments the dome explodes with a massive multi colored spectrum of light, with a explosive power of a 100 ton TNT bomb . This ability can only be used once per Bankai release

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ogihci015 said…
For me, my Zanpakuto will be
Shikai= Kesshōtengokumaru (Crystal Heaven)
Shikai Command= Mugen no sora ni fureru (touch the boundless skies)
Bankai= Ryoshusora (Lord of the Skies)

A zanpakuto that utilizes rain to be its weapon. As long as the battle is under the skies, this zanpakuto always have a great advantage.

Appearance - In sealed form, it takes the shape of a normal katana with a crystal blue hilt. Its cross guard have water droplets carved in four corners.
Shikai Appearance - It retains its katana form except that its blade becomes like a running water.
Bankai Appearance - It loses its katana form and become a pair of running water swords with no details. The crystal blue swords are linked by a chain of frozen water.

Shikai abilities
Kishō seigyo (Weather Control)- Kesshōtengokumaru basic ability. When release, the sky will darken and Kesshōtengokumaru will have unlimited source of water. Much like Hitsugaya's Tensō Jūrin.
Amesenko (Rain piercer) - A surge of water blades raining from the sky.
Bankai Abilities
Enhanced Kisho seigyo
Enhanced Amesenko
Kuroi Ame Ken (Black rain swords)- A dome of black heaven that have black swords pointing inwards from its ceiling. The swords resembles the form of Ryoshusora but black in color. This is only use if the user is fighting in a enclosed area with no visible sky.
Rakurai (lightning strike) - An element of storm, a flash of lightning strikes the enemy.
Saishū-tekina sāji (Final Surge)- Ryoshusora's final attack. Running water forms a giant bird and surge into the enemy with devastating force. After using this, Kisho seigyo will be deactivated for almost all the water source of Ryoshusora has been used up. It will also return to its sealed form for it cannot create a water sword.

The bearer of this zanpakuto will be the vice captain of the 13th division. She has a blue shoulder lenght hair with a sea shell pin.
She has a green eyes and pale skin. She wears a blue ribbon around her hakama and she has water droplet tatto below her left eye.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
big smile
Okae so this is my first blade in awhile, been stupidly busy, hate this time of year. Anyway give me feed back especially Whiteflame and Jstar.

Name: Fūrin (Wind chime)
Release command: Nokutān (Nocturne, musical term similar to serenade)

Bankai name: Kazenokami々 Ga chaimu (Wind Gods chimes)
Appearance: Whilst sealed Fūrin is a standard katana. The emerald green sheath is matched with an emerald green hilt, with deep blue insets. The cross guard is a simple ring of steel. After it’s been released Fūrin takes on the form of a chinese broad sword with 14 silver rings up the blunt edge. Sets of two one larger one smaller inside, each ring is locked in to the blunt edge until its name is called.
Shikai Abilities:
Ability 1: Shinki sakusei (Compose). After activating this ability I call out the name of one of the rings, which are named after each note in music (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) with the additive of minor or major depending on which sized ring is released. A major and A minor cause my speed to increase the smaller ring by 25% the larger 50%, if using the smaller ring this effect can last indefinitely, however the use of the larger ring last from anywhere from 30secs to a minute. This is the same, time limit and increase, for each ring although the effect is different. B major and B minor increase my strength, the Cs increase both my strength and speed, although for half the amount when only B or A. D increases my healing factor and allows me to heal people, although this is only when using minor. E allows me to travel as far as I can see faster than flash steps, but only once each ring. F causes a blast similar to Getsuga Tenshou to be emitted from my sword, although nowhere near as powerful and only 2 times for the major and 4 for minor; major has twice the power of a minor. G encases my body in a layer of a stone like substance that impedes my movement, however adds to my defence.
Ability 2: Idaina fukyōwaon (A great cacophony). All the rings begin to rattle causing a great amount of noise that disorientates my opponent. This has no battle use at all, it is only ever used as a way to flee an unwinnable battle.

Bankai Appearance: Upon entering Bankai the rings shift up and off of my sword until they are in a holder (similar to a bandoleer) across my chest. The sword loses much of its size until it is about half the width of a standard Chinese broad sword. My hair grows until it is about half way down my back and the tips become green coloured.
Bankai Abilities
Ability 1: Dai sakkyoku-ka (Great Composer) This ability is effectively an amped up version of compose, however the boost is now 50-75 and the time limit on the majors 1-1:30. Also any of the other powers, eg healing, are even more effective.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas candy97 said…
big smile
Wat would happen if ur zanbaktos attacked???
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas candy97 said…
Zanpakto-Fukusha Yaiba (copy balde)
Describtion-blade handle spiked blade golden spikes and crystal clear reflection.
Ability-Odori Fukusha (copy dance)-Copies the opponent's image and fighting style(including Zanbakto)
Bankai-Kamisama Fukusha (god's copy)
Discription-bright silver blade golden handle with a mirror in the middle.
Ability-Kuro Kamisama Fukusha (black god's copy)-builds up reitsu as being released and when fully charged attacks with 3 times normal power. (samething as shikai ability bit 3folds stronger.)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Where you asking me candy? and what exactly is your question?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas candy97 said…
Wat would happen if our zanpakto attacks us without comand?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas candy97 said…
It's to everyone
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
See, I'm trying to understand, and I still don't. Who is the zanpakuto attacking, the wielder, or anyone? What would happen? A whole lot of dead shinigami and a whole lot of destroyed zanpakutos. I really don't get the point of the question in general. Shinigami are reliant on their weapons being under their control. If control is lost, the system that has been created is also lost.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas candy97 said…
Remember Muramasa from bleach how he made the Zanbakto attack their masters so I'm asking wat would happen if that happened again
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas candy97 said…
Zanbakto/shikai-Kage Senritsu(shadow melody)
Ability-Kage Uta(shadow song)-allows owner to control all shadows and attack or paralyze opponents
Bankai- Doku Uta(poison song)
Ability-Ryuu Uta(dragon song)-summons the dragon god to attack opponent.
Bankai description- black handle with black dragon head on top and sword coming out of dragons mouth
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
But I suppose what I'm not getting is the end goal of that question. Sure, something like that may happen again, and if it did, I imagine they'd be far more prepared for it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
That arc was retarded anyway. Yo Whiteflame any suggestions of my blade?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shukun_kizuku said…
i agree
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Takeshi_Tsurugi - This is certainly one of the most interesting blades I've seen you make. It's got a very interesting mechanism behind it, and I think it works very nicely. The only difficulty I see is that the main ability is very complex in many ways. I can see how it works, though. I don't see it being too powerful, if anything, it seems a little on the weaker side. I think you could add a couple more abilities to make it more reasonable.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shukun_kizuku said…
Name: Zukameku
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 175
Eyes: light blue
Hair: unknown
Race: Shinigami
Likes: tea and training and follows Bushido
Unlikes: people who cause problems or speak out of place

Appearance: full white ninja outfit with shinigami robe

Abilities: able to trick anyone's eyes with small illusions


Appearance: white chain wrapped around his right arm

He dose know the name of his sword and can use the abilities

Strength: 75
Kido: 95
Spell casting: 100
Reaction time: 100
Swordsmanship: 100
Hand to hand: 100
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shukun_kizuku said…
[zanpakuto/shikai name] chain of countless souls
[release command] flow through the blood and pain
= its a pure white chain wrapped around the arm of the wielder and has a kuni at the end of the chain

[Bankai name] chain of flickering souls
remains white but instead of the kuni being white its clear[see through] and elongates to 3ft long

[Shikai abilities]-
= when blood touches the chain it causes the wielder to slightly blend in with whats behind the wielder
= Increases speed of movement and chain speed
= when the kuni enters the opponents flesh it secretes a poison that slow the opponents reaction time[dost move over to bankai when wielder reaches it]

[bankai abilities]-
=when blood touches the chain it makes a doppelganger of the wielder that lives for 10 minutes and has only the ability to self destruct and can wrap themselves around any target [and they can be killed]
=the chain allows the wielder flicker in and out of sight for 3 second intervals as long as the chain is not extended
= when the kuni enter the body of an opponent it secretes a poison that causes them to misjudge the range and movement of the wielder

ok guys let me know what ya think i need feedback
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright shukun, here's some feedback:
1) Whose blood activates this? What exactly is slightly blending in (is it full on camouflage or just slight distortion)?
2) What's the increase to each? Quantify it somehow.
3) Need to quantify this one as well. What kind of slowing are we talking about? Is there any increased effect that results from more cuts or deeper cuts?
1) Pretty much the same thing here, who's blood activates this. What's the speed and strength of the doppelganger? How easily are they destroyed? Can multiples be created?
2) So I'm confused here. Are they flickering during that 3 second interval, or are they out of sight during that 3 second interval?
3) Same questions as before. Need you to quantify the range perception and movement changes.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
More abilities? Like what? Any ideas? I mean The two its got are fairly useful, what with the first one covering just about everything ever. Oh wait just went back and readed ma post again and realised I missed out the second Bankai ability
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
You know, this is a new idea I've been toying with (you'll see it on my most recent arrancar), might apply to yours. What your opponent does could play into how yours works. The pitch of voice that they use in calling out abilities, the volume, any aspect could factor in to modulate the power of their attacks or their vulnerability to yours. This thought just occurred to me.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
You know, this is a new idea I've been toying with (you'll see it on my most recent arrancar), might apply to yours. What your opponent does could play into how yours works. The pitch of voice that they use in calling out abilities, the volume, any aspect could factor in to modulate the power of their attacks or their vulnerability to yours. This thought just occurred to me.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shukun_kizuku said…
ok here is a re edited version

[zanpakuto/shikai name] chain of countless souls
[release command] flow through the blood and pain
= its a pure white chain wrapped around the arm of the wielder and has a kuni at the end of the chain

[Bankai name] chain of flickering souls
remains white but instead of the kuni being white its clear[see through] and elongates to 3ft long

[Shikai abilities]-
= when any opponents blood touches the chain it causes the wielder to slightly blend in with whats behind the wielder
= Increases speed of movement and chain attack speed by 25%
= when the kuni enters the opponents flesh it secretes a poison that slow the opponents reaction time by 25% [dost move over to bankai when wielder reaches it] the deeper the cut the faster the poison acts

[bankai abilities]-
=when any opponents blood touches the chain it makes a doppelganger of the wielder that has the same speed but half the strength of the wielder and lives for 10 minutes and has only the ability to self destruct and can wrap themselves around any target [and they can be killed very easy]
=the chain allows the wielder to be completely invisible[cant see, smell,hear, or sense] for 3 second intervals[able to see him for 3 seconds and then he is gone for 3 seconds]as long as the chain is not extended
= when the kuni enter the body of an opponent it secretes a poison that causes them to misjudge the range and movement of the wielder by 75%
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, follow up:
1) How long does this last? Again, what is "slightly"? How impossible is this person to see?
2) Alright.
3) Alright, so if a deeper cut causes the poison to act faster, how long does it take to act normally? Also, again, what about multiple cuts? Does that cause the poison to act faster as well?
1) Again, how can it be killed? You say very easily, but that's very limited. What does that mean? A single kido spell, a single slash, a single strike, what? I'm guessing these wont die to a feather falling on them, so what's the limitation?
2) Alright, with the modifications, this is a bit much. 3 seconds of being unable to even sense the opponent is 3 seconds where the opponent is likely to be dead. Considering the speed that people can travel at in the Bleach universe, I'd say you should limit the effect a bit more.
3) The percentiles work for the shikai because of what they're applied to, but not for this. A reaction time can be reduced by a percentage, but I'm wondering what it means to misjudge range and movement by 75%. What I'm looking for here is an idea of what they might see. Just give me some concept of how far off they tend to see them. Still have to answer the same questions from shikai #3.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas zatarra said…
okay hello i'm new to this and i read some of the zanpakuto and they are awesome so i made a character and a zanpakuto for my character.

I haven't come up with a name for my character yet but he is a rouge shinigami with jet black hair with white streaks through it. He has blue eyes with orange at the center.

Okay this is his zanpakuto.
Name:San tsubasa no tenshi (three winged angel)
Release command:Mōningukōru (wake)
Bankai name:Mezameta ha tenshi (Awoken bladed angel)

Shikai description
When in shikai form the sword looks like a wing and that is it.

Shikai ability's
Hebun tatsumaki (Haven tornado) a small tornado forms around the opponent only confusion them, giving the user a chance to attack
Fōringuenjeru (Falling angels) about two hundred knife like feathers fall from the sky where the opponent is standing.

Bankai description
Feathers form into wings at the users back and the sword stays the same but it shrinks.

Bankai ability's
Tenshi no hakai (Destruction of angels)A beam is shot from the wings and if it hits it cuts the opponents reiatsu in half.
Tenshi no noroi (Curse of angels)You hit your opponent with your sword they slow down but you lose some of your reiatsu.

This is my zanpakuto comment if you like it please
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dragonbane78 said…
candy if that did happen i simply suggest (seeming as the Zanpakuto is a symbol of the wielders spiritual energy) draw the spiritual energy form your Zanpakuto and it should fall. But if you fall kind of screwed(have to agree with whiteflame with the fact that the soul society would be prepared for this).
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dragonbane78 said…
Whiteflame the post about the arrancar is pretty cool though i've never heard of ceros like the ones you made. It's interesting never the less I suggest to EVERONE to try making arrancars of their own.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shukun_kizuku said…
i have absolutly no ideas for zanpakuto at all after 2hrs of thinking
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zalakhiel said…
My ideal Zanpakuto is a slightly smaller than average katana, with a white hilt and silver guard. The blade is so clear that it is possible to glimpse through the blade even when the sword is in its sealed state.

Zanpakuto Name/Shikai Name: Tsurugi no Daiamondo (Diamond Sword)

Release Phrase: Mamoru (Protect)

The Zanpakuto`s blade takes the sheen of diamond, becoming extremely durable and gaining a very sharp cutting edge. The blade is so clear that it is possible to see through the blade without any hinderance.

Shikai Powers:


Benkai no Daiamondo (Diamond Defence)

The wielder creates an almost impenetrable barrier around himself, preventing all but the strongest attacks from harming him. The drawback is the concentration required to use this power, which forces the wielder to stand motionless. One note to this effect is that the wielder can shape the barrier, so it may take the form of his choice, such as a sphere, a cube, or the outline of his own body, and also, he can extend the barrier at up to 15 feet so as to protect all those near him. Finally, it is wise to mention that the barrier is impenetrable from both sides, not just from outside.


Junsei no Meiryou (Perfect Clarity)

The wielder peers through the side of the crystal-like blade of the sword, and all the enchantments and illusions affecting him are automatically dispelled. Note that this ability does not prevent the wielder from being affected by such abilities in the future, it merely removes any existing ones.

Bankai Name/ Release Phrase: Daiamondo Akumu Ken (Diamond Nightmare Blade)

Bankai Effect: The wielder gains supernatural senses concerning sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and reiatsu sensing. These senses can be a great boon, as the wielder can predict any move made against him before they are even made. Note, however, that the wielder does not gain the reflexes that match his senses, but he can still act on his own speed (unlike the case of the super-human drug used by Mayuri on the 8th Espada).