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sarabeara binigyan ako ng props para sa my articles
As in you're actually going to have to go to jury duty? Or you don't know yet? I've gotten summoned for jury duty once but was fortunate enough to not have my number picked. That's gonna blow if you have to go and get chosen or something ;-; Not only is it boring and disrupts your whole life, I feel like the other jurors would be idiots and drive me nuts lol. I'd be like "clearly this person is guilty" and one moron would be like "no, he seems like a nice boy." I'd hate the debating. Posted 2 days ago
sarabeara nagkomento…
Omg YES my room is like a fucking sauna in the summertime and I spend every night spread out like a starfish trying to cool down lmao. I feel you on that. And I haven't seen Infinity War. I've heard it's fucking amazing, but have spent every weekend and waking oras working, so I haven't even had a chance to go. Have you seen it? Is it good? 2 days ago
sarabeara nagkomento…
Yeah, it's really easy for me to just...not respond to people lol. I'll feel guilty about it, but it won't make me talk to them. Sometimes it's hard to just muster the energy to talk and all I want to do is isolate myself and shut off from the world completely. Is that weird? People are supposedly social creatures but I spend days happy without talking to anyone. This is also kind of fucked up, but it's really easy for me to cut people out of my real life too. Like if a friend hurts me or stabs me in the back, I can literally just never talk to them again and not be sad about it. There are very few people in this world I actually give a damn about (mostly family). Sometimes I feel like there's something wrong with me. Some disconnect where I don't fully care about people, where I'm not committed 100% to the relationship. Probably because I know they'll eventually fuck me over. 2 days ago
You-R-not-alone binigyan ako ng props para sa my pop quiz questions
dude Iki !😍super beautiful
👍🏻 Posted 2 days ago
sarabeara binigyan ako ng props para sa my articles
Omg I haven't been on fanpop in over a buwan so I'm only just now seeing your post ;-; YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE SWEETEST <333 If you posted it on April 8, you are indeed correct haha.

How are you doing? How's life? I haven't talked to you in ages, which is a travesty >.< Posted 3 days ago