Cameron ...well just shorten it to cam plz ty

fanpopping mula noong nakaraang taon

mosaik listahan

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twinklestar11 sinabi tungkol sa walang tiyak na layunin
Years nakaraan when i first joined i remember i kept getting
Banned bc i would annoy the shit out of everyone.
I was like a troll or something. But that was 11 taon old me.
I still probally annoy shit out of ppl.... But i meet some great
Ppl on Here. Fanpop for me is getting a bit boring but
Im staying bc i dont want to miss my mga kaibigan again. Posted 17 hours ago
melodybryant nagkomento…
thats so sweet.. when i first koined i was 5 MONTHS nakaraan LOL 16 hours ago
MasterChief58 nagkomento…
Fanpop’s administrators are lazy nowadays though, especially when some guys who spam on me sometimes don’t get banned. 14 hours ago
Blaze1213IsBack nagkomento…
I was pretty young as well when I first joined but it was around the time I was a Freshmen. So I get where your coming from about annoying people because when we’re young we say a lot of things we regret. ...but don’t let the past get to you okay and yeah I agree it does get boring like I mentioned haha but we keep coming back.XD 12 hours ago
twinklestar11 sinabi tungkol sa walang tiyak na layunin
Why does life have to be so cruel?
Started watching "angel's last mission: love"
Only watched the first 2 episodes then found out
I have to pay to watch the rest of the episodes....
So i trashed the app.... But i rlly want to watch it. So i
Tried searching it found nothing. So i just looked up
The ending and only found the ending for episode
20 something. Posted 1 day ago
GDragon612 binigyan ako ng props para sa my comments
uy hun my grandma Change the araw with Walking(it`s tomorrow so I am here for a short while today
same here too,I can`t wait to see madami of bts ><
welcome I die everytime of them
to much for my puso awee!!
and they are so cute as the same time omg
yes his Hands are very Tiny
XD yepp it was now happy Wednesday !! XD Posted 2 days ago